A Quality Workwear Service Guaranteed


Utilising The Latest Technology

We always use the latest technology and employ the best people, building a reputation for providing an industrial laundry and workwear rental service that is flexible and tailored to each customers needs.

  • Bar-code Tracking
  • High-Care Facilities
  • GPS Tracked deliveries

Award Winning Customer Care

Maintaining close contact with our customers is important to us. It enables us to provide you with an exceptional rental and industrial laundry service and to understand your ongoing requirements.

  • Dedicated Service Rep
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Personal Hands on Service

Certifications & Compliance

Our service of supply, collection and workwear laundry services meets the highest quality and hygiene standards to protect your staff and customers.

  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 Certified
  • Thermal Disinfection
  • Allergen Testing
  • Individually Poly-Wrapped Items

Our Onboarding Process

1) Measuring Appointment

A measuring appointment will be booked with you by your dedicated workwear consultant. They will measure all your garment wearers to ensure the ordered stock will correctly fit and fully protect the wearers.

2) Scheduling & Ordering

Once measuring has been taken, the garments will be ordered from our suppliers. You will be advised of current lead times as well as any any other required information.

3) Getting Started

On the agreed start date, we will install all the necessary lockers and equipment, deliver your garments and issue them to your wearers.

4) Service Begins

Your service will begin. For a full breakdown of our process, please view of our workwear cycle below.

Our Workwear Cycle


1) Collection

Your garments are collected from you on an agreed schedule.


2) Scanned In

After arriving at our laundry, the garments are then scanned into our barcode system.


3) Sorting

The garments are then sorted by type in preperation for washing.


4) Washing

Each garment is then washed dependant to their specification and requriements.


5) Quality Control

After the garments have finished being launded, they are checked for damage and quality.


6) Repairs

If damage has been found, the garments are sent for repair.


7) Folding & Packing

The garments are then neatly folded and packed. For high-care garments, individually poly-wrapped.


8) Delivery

The garments are delivered back to your staff lockers or designated delivery and collection point.